London’s best-kept secret is up on the roof. The trails of rooftops in Soho are a wonderful place to walk above the stresses of city life.

When I want to chill out I like to walk my dog alongside the gates of London Zoo in Regents Park. He growls at the flamingoes, you can hear the lions and peek at the penguins.

Which sport has excited you most about the Olympics? I’m pretty excited about the beach volleyball, partly because I’m hosting it, and partly because it’s girls in bikinis … need I say more?

The most interesting person I’ve met is a homeless Rastafarian called Freddie, who sits with his broken guitar in Camden Lock and sings the blues late into the night. Stop and say hello – he has some incredible stories to tell.

My favourite places for a drink are small homely-yet-classy mixology bars. I don’t drink alcohol, so a bartender needs to be smart to make me a sexy, non-alcoholic cocktail – they do exist! Try Purl in Blandford St, Westminster.

For when you’re hungover in London, as I don’t drink, I’m up early and making sweet smoothies for my hungover buddies.

What gets me up in the morning is my dog pulling the duvet away and piling his toys on to the bed. He’s spoilt. It’s my own fault.

My perfect weekend is always spontaneous and unplanned, a random detour to the fairground that’s only in town for the weekend or simply trying a new restaurant I’ve never been to before. Oh, and a stroll down South Bank.

What’s the biggest faux pas you have made? Going hang gliding in a mini-skirt is pretty high up on my ridiculous list.

Five words that sum up London … Colourful, corporate, classic, cultured and alive. / Twitter: @Laylaloves

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