The image, which shows a child stitching union jack bunting, appeared on Wood Green High Road, on the wall of a Poundland shop.

The child seems to be using a old Singer-style sewing machine to create generic bunting which could be used to celebrate both the upcoming Silver Jubilee and London Olympics.

Placing the new artwork on the side of a Poundland shop might also be significant after a seven-year-old boy was found to be working 100 hours a week producing items for the shop.

As with many of Bansky’s works, whether it is an original or an imitation is already being hotly debated.

Art blog Hooked, said: ““With the Queen’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee, the location of this piece and the style and cut of the stencil it is highly likely that it’s the work of Banksy.”

Image via Richard McKeever and Luke Giles and Facebook

So, go on, what do you reckon it means? Is Banksy shining a light on the oppressive jackboot of the bunting industry?

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