Despite not enduring the agonising pains of labour, food and travel writer Nick Baines decided to see what his wife’s placenta tasted like after his son was born – and took a few select ‘steaks’ home in a doggy bag.

Turning to the internet for inspiration, he first attempted a smoothie, blending the placenta with banana and coconut milk. It didn’t go down well – the drink had a ‘metallic, bloody backnote’ and ‘tasted like the delivery room had smelled’. Lush.

However, Mr Baines enjoyed his placenta taco, which he described as ‘rich, with a beef-like quality’.

“Since my wife and I first discussed having a child, the thought of this one-time opportunity to eat human placenta had been rolling around my mind,” he said in his Guardian article.

We’re glad he scratched that itch. 

Image credit: Time Magazine/YouTube