The next Bond movie will be filmed in India – after authorities there agreed to allow scenes to be shot in certain locations in the country.

Initially there was a hold up as authorites pondered whether it was in viable in terms of security to allow filming of the multi-million pound production, but now India's Information and Broadcasting Ministry has given permission for

locations including Delhi, Goa and the area around Ahmedabad to be

used, The Times of India reported.

Scenes from the upcoming film, to be directed by Sam Mendes, are

expected to be filmed in Daryaganj, Delhi's bazaar area, and the

Sarojini Nagar flea market.

Mumbai is also expected to feature.

The movie – currently known as "Bond 23" – will see the return of the blonde Bond, Daniel Craig.

Although shooting of foreign films have always courted controversies

in India, it has remained a hotspot for filmmakers nonetheless.

In recent times, India has been a popular shooting location for Hollywood.

A few years ago Julia Roberts shot a major portion of her 2010 film, Eat Pray Love in and around Gurgaon. Last year, Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel and Judi Dench wrapped up a schedule of their upcoming film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, in Jaipur.

Some time ago, Inception director Christopher Nolan had arrived in

Rajasthan to shoot a few helicopter action sequences at Mehrangarh Fort

for the sequel of The Dark Knight.

For Bond though, railway stations are excluded "due to security concerns", but the production team are reported to be in talks with India's Railway Ministry to obtain permission to shoot in two railway locations in Goa.

They have also sought permission to shoot in an area near Ahmedabad, which is close to power and fuel installations.