Top Gear is still to decide whether to use a new Stig in the next series, Jeremy Clarkson revealed.

Speaking to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, Clarkson said that the team
will decide on Stig’s future in January 2011 before the new series
of Top Gear starts.

“We don’t know what to do,” he said.

Top Gear’s Stig: unmasked!

“Eventually a suggestion will come in and we’ll say, ‘Well that’s a good idea’ so we’ll do that,” he added.

Clarkson confirmed that Stig isn’t in two Christmas specials.

Stig’s identity has always been the subject of much speculation as he always appeared wearing a racing helmet.

“Wasn’t it just so boring? Everybody asked, ‘Who’s the Stig?’ but
nobody really wanted to know,” Clarkson said. “Kids thought it was a
monster, and some people thought it was Michael Schumacher.

In September, the BBC lost a court case over the publication of an
autobiography by racing driver Ben Collins, who was the last Stig for
seven years.

The two Christmas episodes of Top Gear will be screened at 8pm on BBC Two on December 21 and 26.