Yesterday’s New Zealand 1-1 Italy Fifa World Cup match against Italy in Nelspruit, South Africa, hasn’t made all of the fans happy.

Italy are cheats and the referee had a hidden agenda, said bare-chested All Whites fans. ”I don’t know what nationality the ref was, but I’m pretty sure he had a hidden agenda,” said Hone Patrick.

”Yes, we came across as aggressive to start off but that is our style, we play aggressive. I suspect some underhand dealings.”

Another White Noise supporter, Steven Carlin, who ripped his shirt off in the final minutes of the game, believes Batres‘ rulings were weighted in favour of the Italians.

”They go down so easy. Even the Italian fans here tonight said they knew their team was going down pretty easy and so they were getting all the decisions. It didn’t make it easy for New Zealand.”

All Whites’ fan Rory Kerrisk was shocked when Batres blew the whistle for an Italian penalty.

”Any other team would not have got a penalty but somehow Italy always does. Every ref knows they dive and they will get away with it,” Kerrisk said.

Kerrisk’s brother Liam agreed.

”It’s hard enough playing the world champs but having to play them when they have 12 men – including the ref who is having an absolute blinder for them – is even harder. This victory means so much to us because we have beaten them with 11 men and they have 12.”

All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen called the penalty ”ridiculous”, and was scathing of the ref.
”Obviously the referee didn’t help. I think he got stars in his eyes. If he is the best Fifa can offer I would hate to see the worst,” said Nelsen.

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