Two fully assembled bombs with detonators, packed with 60cm shrapnel pieces connected to a butane gas bottle, were found in a duffel bag under a home at Albion Park on the South Coast in April, reports The Telegraph.

The bombs, both larger than the ones used in the Boston Marathon attacks, were set to go off at 1:48pm on April 6.

The Central Local Court in Sydney heard yesterday that just days before the bombs were to detonate, the 42-year-old accused of making them fled Australia to Malta and they were never placed near their intended targets.

The man’s ex-wife, who was unaware of the alleged plot, found the bombs two days later and called police. The accused was arrested at Sydney Airport on Thursday evening when he attempted to come back into the country.

The bombs were set to detonate at the offices of a leading Sydney eye surgeon that had previously treated the accused and whom he blamed for prolonged eye problems. 

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