The Daily Telegraph has reported the officer, a married father of two, would see up to four of his lady friends in a single day between Sydney and.

The Professional Standards Command has been told Osborn had sex with a woman in a marked car.

At times he would see the woman while his work partner slept outside in the car.

“He’s one of the laziest ones,” Osborn, 42, told the lover, as he described his sleeping fellow officer.

A claim has been made against Osborn, by at least one of the women he’s been romancing via NSW Police, saying his colleagues didn’t intervene when they were shown video footage of him having sex.

The claim was reported ahead of Osborn’s appearance at Downing Centre Local Court today to face charges of including three counts of filming a person engaged in a private act for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.

Osborn has previously admitted he filmed three women he came to know through internet dating sites.

He said he didn’t film and show the videos to his workmates for sexual gratification.

The woman he had sex with in the cop car, referred to as Ms BB, isn’t involved in the court case and only found out about the video when she was shown by officers following Osborn’s arrest.

“Devastated, I was devastated,” single mother Ms BB, 31, told The Daily Telegraph.

“I felt so betrayed.”

The Telegraph reports they met when he answered a call-out about “two girls fighting in a spa” on New Year’s Eve 2009. 

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