Although followers of the long-running family cartoon comedy have often seen flashbacks and flash-forwards of the Simpsons as they once were, or how they could end up in the future, fans will never have seen a sequence that goes this far and covers their journey through life.

Hilarious, but also quite moving, here’s the world’s favourite dysfunctional family getting older and wiser (although in Bart’s case he inevitably ends up a dropout and becoming a vision of his dad after joining the Occupy movement, flunking university – but eventually ending up with some Bart juniors of his own).

Lisa seems to do some experimenting with female partners, before settling for Milhouse, and Maggie goes from a grumpy teenager to becoming a famous guitar-playing rock star.

Homer and Marge grow old and retire, then pop off for some adventurous holidays. It all ends with a touching family gathering of the extending Simpson clan. Awww! You may well be shedding a tear or two by the end.

The show recently reached a milestone with its 500th episode, in an episode that featured a guest appearance from Wikileaks boss Julian Assange.

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Main image: The show’s cult cartoonist creator Matt Groening was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Bart and Homer for moral support (Getty Images)