Police were called to a house in the city of Pine Bluff in Arkansas on Saturday night, responding to reports of a suspected domestic disturbance. 107-year-old suspect Monroe Isadore refused to surrender to police, despite releasing the two people he had supposedly assaulted and allowing them to leave the house he then subsequently barricaded himself in.

Local media organisation The Pine Bluff Commercial reports that Isadore then reportedly fired several shots through his bedroom door when police tried to approach. The shots didn’t harm any officers but it was enough for them to call in the cavalry, so to speak.

SWAT officers were called and attempted to negotiate with Isadore. A remote camera was also slipped into the centenarian’s house which showed that Isadore was armed with a pistol. SWAT even tried to subdue the man with gas when negotiations with the ancient gunman broke down. 

Isadore refused to go  quietly however, opening fire for a second time, this time aiming at SWAT officers who reportedly returned fire and killed the 107-year-old. 

As of yet no other details have been made available. 

Image: Thinkstock