Paris Hilton’s claim that she thought cocaine found in her handbag was chewing-gum has been dismissed by prosecutors, who have served the heiress with a felony drug-possession charge.

This type of charge, for the possession of cocaine, carries up to four years in jail, however as Hilton has no criminal record in Nevada, she will probably get away with probation.

According to reports, Hilton originally denied that the handbag was hers although she admitted that several items in it – $1,300 in cash, credit cards, an Albuterol tablet and Zig-Zag rolling papers – belonged to her.

“She told me the purse was not hers, that she had borrowed it from a friend,” Vegas Police Lt. Dennis Flynn wrote in his report.

When a bag of cocaine fell out of the bag, Hilton claimed “she had not seen [the cocaine] but now thought it was gum.”

Whether Hilton knew the cocaine really was the devil’s powder or honestly just wanted fresh breath, bookies Paddy Power are now taking bets on which controlled substance the socialite heiress will next be busted for. Here are the odds:

Paris Hilton next drug bust

5/4  Cocaine
6/4  Marijuana / Cannabis
4/1   Ecstasy / MDMA
5/1   Amphetamines
8/1   LSD
8/1  Crack Cocaine
12/1 Mushrooms
12/1 Ketamine
20/1 Heroin