Piers Morgan’s new show ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ debuts on CNN in America tonight.

The British TV-host is replacing Larry King as CNN’s celebrity interviewer after 25 years of King’s legendary talk show Larry King Live.

Morgan’s show kicks off with an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which is airing on CNN tonight.

And according to sources of the show, it is an emotional episode.

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The show with Oprah has already been recorded, and after the interview was over, Oprah told a TV panel that it was “one of the toughest interviews I’ve had in 20 years.”

So how does Piers Morgan get so many celebrities to open up about things they have never spoken about in public before? Well, speaking to the LA Times, Morgan reveals:

“The best way of assessing someone’s character is to get them emotional”.

“Oprah went through the full range of emotion: anger, hurt, tears, laughter.”

On tonight’s show Morgan talks to the talkshow queen about love and how she deals with depression.

Morgan also explained that you have to be cheeky to achieve a good interview, and he explained:

“Oprah said to me, ‘When I ask someone a question and they don’t really want to answer it, I let it go, but you just ask it three different ways.”

And he admitted that that is exactly what his interview style is like:

“I’ll keep returning to the same question in an ever more devious and outrageous way until the person would rather answer the original question.”

Piers Morgan also does not believe that his role as a judge on America Got Talent will damage his credibility.

“No, I think it’s funny. One day I’ll be judging a piano-playing pig, the next I’ll be interviewing Nelson Mandela,” he says.

Other celebrities appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight this week include George Clooney, Ricky Gervais, Howard Stern and Condoleezza Rice.