Over the years, food in Poland has been influenced Jewish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian and German traditions. Wherever you go in Poland, you won’t go hungry. Polish fare is typically meat, potato and dumpling-heavy.

Try these dishes at dinner (obiad):

Koltel schabowy – pork, potatoes, hot cabbage (traditional Polish meal)

Barszcz  – beetroot soup

Pierogi – dumplings

Golabki – cabbage roll

Kielbasa krakowska – sausage



Local beers (piwo) include Zywiec, Okocim and EB. Cheap wine (wino) is around but not widely drunk by Poles as they prefer vodka (wódka), the number one Polish drink, which they say they invented.

Vodka in Poland comes in all sorts of colours.



In general it should be safe to drink the tap water (woda) in Poland, however some people say it doesn’t taste great and other people say to boil it first – perhaps stick to bottled water just to be sure.