Pole to Pole

A collection of satisfyingly spectacular photographs from the Arctic and Antarctic taken by veteran snapper Sue Flood. Charting the polar regions took 15 years and involved living in one of the most desolate places on earth. Floods work took her Russian icebreakers on trips to the North Pole and diving with leopard seals in the Antarctic. It paid off.

The Polar landscapes are epic, stark and beautiful. It will remind you why you love travelling.

Says Flood, “There are times when I question why I’m so drawn to the Poles – for instance, when camping in -40 degree temperatures, enduring the hardships of macho ice-breaker life or when my eyes won’t open becausee my eyelashes have frozen together”

“But there is something magical about the light, the isolation and the stillness, and something inspirational about how resolute animals and people have to be to survive there. Yes, the Poles are cold places but they also warm the heart, as I hope my images show.”

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March 17–April 9