Two 20-year-old men have been arrested after Queensland police seized more than $1 million worth of drugs they fear may have been destined for schoolies week celebrations.

Superintendent John Pointing, of the State Drug and Property Crime Group, said police found $17,500 in cash, two firearms and a stash of drugs, believed to be heroin, cocaine, methylamphetamine and MDMA, in two south Brisbane homes.

He said it was possible the drugs were to be distributed at schoolies week and upcoming events.

“We’d be naive to think that some of these drugs weren’t destined for schoolies and other events … in the near future,” Pointing said.

“This is a very serious matter and we’re very pleased to have taken this amount of drugs off the streets.”

Pointing said parents should talk to their children about the dangers of drugs.

“[Our] purpose is to raise awareness of the amount of drugs that are out there and it’s timely … for parents to think about their children, talk to their children about drugs.”

Pointing said it was unusual to find such an array of drugs.

“It’s really amazing to find this quantity … of drugs,” he said.

“It’s unusual but it’s starting to happen more and more.”

Police said the bust was part of a series of regular drug squad investigations.

The two men from suburban Archerfield face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.