The Queen was mooned in Brisbane, possibly meaning that everyone will now stop giving Julia Gillard a hard time about her failure to curtsy when she met her Maj.

A Brisbane construction worker put the Australian Prime Minister’s supposed faux pas in the shade when he ran alongside the royal motorcade before dropping his pants and baring his bum to the Queen. Liam Warriner allegedly ran for 50 yards with an Australian flag wedged between his buttocks, before he was apprehended by police.

Charged with creating a public nuisance and willful exposure 22 year old Warriner admited he’d been dared to moon the queen by his work-mates.

“I mooned the Queen,” he told Brisbane’s Courier Mail.

“Everybody’s seen someone’s butt, come on. You see it on TV all the time, you see it in movies, it’s accepted in PG rated programming these days, but yet it’s an offence to the Queen.”

Warriner said he felt encouraged to go through with the prank when the Queen waved in his direction as he ran past her car. He also claimed the Duke of Edinburgh waved at him.

If Ma’am was not amused, she didn’t show it.

Speaking at a ceremony on the city’s South Bank to honour the victims of the January floods she told how she’ been deeply moved by the stories of the Brisbane River overflowing and flooding the city’s western suburbs.

“It was with great sadness that I followed the terrible consequences this past January of your normally peaceful river rising up,” she said.

“The loss and destruction was harrowing to see.”

“I wish you, the people of Brisbane, every success as you continue to rebuild from the damage of the storms with the energy and optimism with which you are renowned.”