The CPS made the announcement on Tuesday morning.

The charge comes following Rebekah Brooks’s arrest in March by Scotland Yard officers investigating phone hacking at News International.

Brooks is the first person to face charges following the police operations Weeting, Elveden and Tuleta, which are budgeted to run until 2015 at a cost of £40 million.

A joint statement from Rebekah and Charlie Brooks said: “We deplore this weak and unjust decision

“After the further unprecedented posturing of the CPS we will respond later today after our return from the police station.”

Also charged are: Cheryl Carter, Rebekah Brooks’ personal assistant; Mark Hanna, Head of Security at News International; Paul Edwards, Mrs Brooks’ chauffeur who was employed by News International; Daryl Jorsling and a seventh suspect – both of whom provided security for Mrs Brooks supplied by News International.”

Among the three charges the statement from the CPS alleges:

Rebekah Brooks, Charles Brooks, Mark Hanna, Paul Edwards and Daryl Jorsling conspired together and with persons unknown, between 15th July and 19th July 2011, to conceal documents, computers and other electronic equipment from officers of the Metropolitan Police Service.”

In July 2011 Charlie Brooks, a racehorse trainer, had a bag of his belongings, including a laptop, phone and papers handed to police after they were discovered in a bin.

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