In a scathing assessment of the man he once viewed as a hero, Rhodri said Ryan was motivated by greed, competitiveness and jealousy. The brothers have not talked to each other since July – four weeks after the affair was revealed.

“He took Natasha despite him having everything and me nothing. She was the only thing I had and he did not – so he took it,” Rhodri told the Sun.

In April 2010, Natasha claimed she felt pregnant with Ryan’s baby and he gave her £500 to have an abortion.

Rhodri said when he confronted Ryan about the infidelity last year, his brother denied it.

“He said to me, ‘We need to be brothers again, we have never been the same since we became so competitive against each other’.

“That made me think, ‘Are you jealous of me? I don’t understand. Look at me compared to you. I think you won’.”

The cuckolded Rhodri said he believed his bro took his wife because he could get away with it. He was still in shock that someone he grew up with could treat him in such a way.

“I looked up to Ryan and I still did until last year. But not any more. “Knowing someone who has been your hero for most of your life has been sleeping with your wife just hurts too much.”

Rhodri considers himself a loyal brother. He served a 4½-month sentence in 2001 for assaulting a Manchester City fan who was abusing him for being Ryan’s brother.

“He wants to be brothers again but wants me to do the sucking up – like everyone around him. He’s selfish. Whatever suits him, he’ll do.”

Rhodri said he believed his wife’s claims that she had been ‘manipulated’ and ‘controlled’ by Ryan, 38, during their affair.

Natasha Giggs was eliminated from Celebrity Big Brother last night.