There will be heaps of cool stand-up, actual real magic and videos, a party atmosphere and heaps of screwballin.’ Axolotl-lovers, dole-bludgers and perfect babes will enjoy this mess.

Along with a regular weekly segment on Australian national radio station Triple J, Sam is a member of the YouTube collective Skills in Time and star of the web-series Dayne’s World.

Here at TNT we’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Sam a head of the show.

When did you realise you wanted to be a comedian and do you have any advice for budding performers?

When I was 18 years old. In terms of advice, I guess to try and have a good time and don’t be too big of a grub.

This will be your UK debut, what will you miss about being away from Australia?

I miss my friends in Australia. I just did a show at the Latitude festival and felt a bit lonely without them. The English comedians were polite and nice, but they did not invite me in to the WhatsApp group. I know there was a WhatsApp group because I spied on them talking about it.

Congratulations on your recent awards at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival – what can audiences expect from your show, The Last Dreamer, and where do you get your ideas?

Thank you. The show is funny and there is an egg in it. If you come to Soho Theatre on the July 30 Adam Hess will be in it playing a new posh English character called Lord Crumpington and we will be doing a Crumpington stack live on stage. I get my ideas from magazines.

Do you ever read your reviews?

I try very hard not to.  All reviewers are goblins with smirky, little mouths.

What’s next for Sam Campbell?

I want to use an Oculus Rift (virtual reality). Thank you for interviewing me TNT.

Sam Campbell will be performing at Soho Theatre from 26-30 July and then at the Assembly Roxy at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 3-28 August.