The little monkey, subsequently identified as Darwin has been dubbed the “Ikea Monkey” on Twitter after the macaque was first seen hanging around in the parking lot of one of the famous Swedish mega stores in an elegant winter coat and nappy.

Shoppers at the Toronto chain were even more bemused when Darwin came inside and crowds of people began snapping photos of the adorably dressed little guy.

One shopper said “We saw a crowd of people and a little animal and I was like ‘oh my gosh it’s a monkey.”

“It started darting all over the place. It was scared.

“It was very bizarre to see a real live monkey there. It was really small and just funny dressed in the coat.”

Local animal catchers and police were called and the sartorially suave simian was apprehended loitering by a very chic Karlsfors three piece dining set.

The animals shame faced owners were forced to come forward to rescue their incarcerated primate and were forced to pay a $240 fine for owning an illegal pet. 

Along with the new Twitter handles; @Ikeamonkey and @ikea_monkey, Darwin seems to have also set himself up a Facebook fan page.

It seems this mischievous little macaque isn’t short on self promotion or a Machiavellian sense of do and daring.

Even the police were impressed with Darwin, saying that he was a “very smart monkey”.

When questioned about the intelligence of the monkey’s owners however no comment was given.