Michelle O’Reilly 26, Ireland

What made you decide to work in Australia? I came to Sydney on holiday five years ago with my sisters and really enjoyed it. So I really wanted to return to gain new experiences.

How did you land your new job? A friend, who I went to school with, was already working for Global Advantage and advised me to contact them.

What kind of nursing do you do? I am a disability care worker.

What’s your new job like? I am agency staff so I work on call. I work nights, evenings or morning shifts.

How long have you been in Australia? I arrived in Australia last November and travelled for two months before looking for work.

What job did you have at home? I worked in Dublin as a social care worker for two years before travelling.

Where in Australia have you worked so far? Just in Sydney in a supermarket and as a nanny before this.

What’s your next destination? I would like to spend a few weeks in New Zealand.

Is sponsorship a possibility? Yes I know some of my friends have been sponsored.

What’s the pay like? As I am working with an agency, the pay can vary in different homes. Overall, the pay is not as good as it was when I worked in Dublin, but the cost of living was higher there.

Any good stories to tell about your new job? I’m meeting lots of new friends from all around the world.

What’s great about your job? I’m gaining experience in many different areas as I can get called to work in different homes.

And what’s not all that great? As I work in different places and don’t own a car, travelling to new places can be tricky. Also I have to get used to being part of a different staff team as I change units.

What would be your best advice for travellers considering your job in Australia? Be patient. You may not get a job in your preferred area straight away. Use this time as an opportunity to experience new areas and participate in training courses.

Any recommendations? Don’t forget to travel around this amazing country.