The ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’ rapper is hoping for a spot on ITV’s flagship soap, and thinks he’d be a perfect character to appear alongside the pop babe on Weatherfield’s cobbles.

He said: “People always think I’m playing when I talk about ‘Coronation Street’, but I swear it’s my favourite show on TV.

“They got everything – sex, murder, transsexuals.

“There ain’t no other show that can touch it.

“If the producers write a cool storyline for me and Cheryl, I guarantee I will clear my schedule and come do a two-week shoot.”

Snoop – star of reality TV show ‘Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood’ – also has an idea as to how he could be written into the show.

He explained: “The writers are [brilliant] on ‘Corrie’. I want to see me and Cheryl arrive on the Street as a couple from overseas.

“Within the first week I would expect Ken Barlow to have seduced Cheryl because you know that dog don’t let his age stop his skills with the women.

“Then a broken-hearted Snoop falls into the arms of a broken-hearted Deirdre Barlow.”

Cheryl has previously said she would love to appear on the show, saying: “If I could do a cameo in any show it would be Coronation Street.”

ITV producers have yet to comment on whether Snoop will be offered a cameo in the show.

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