Son builds giant snow penis, as you do. Mother knocks it down as neighbour watches. Son films whole thing and posts it on Youtube.

So childish, we know. But hilarious nonetheless!

Certainly beats the plain old snowman but we’re not sure what our boss it going to say if we go outside and build one at lunch time.

Call us obsessed by once we started looking (someone’s got to bring you this sort of cutting edge news we reckon) it transpires that at any one time there are quite a number of snow penises being built around the world. And the niche activity is often filmed for our viewing pleasure.

Some of the videos are too rude for us to encourage you to look at, but this one’s pretty spectacular. Love the guy’s enthusiasm.

And finally, we bring you snow cock vs landrover.
Has anyone else been out there building genitalia out of snow? No?