Gaby Scanlon from Lancashire was celebrating her 18th Birthday in the West End, and drank two drinks containing nitrogen.

The 18-year-old drank two shots of Jagermeister laced with nitrogen, she explained last week that she felt OK after the first one, but the second (offered to her by the bartender, as it was her birthday) made her double over in “excruciating pain”.

Nitrogen evaporates the moment it comes in to contact with room temperature, this is what creates that ‘smoky’ effect. However, the substance also has the ability to freeze things it comes into contact with in seconds.

The council have written to venues across London warning of the potential dangers, it’s thought that many venues will be serving liquid nitrogen drinks for Halloween.

Food health and safety manager James Armitage explained to the Evening Standard: “businesses and customers should ensure that it has completely boiled off, with no fog or mist visible, before attempting to consume the product.

“Both substances [dry ice and liquid nitrogen] carry the risk of cold burns, asphyxiation in enclosed spaces, and explosions in enclosed containers, the latter as a result of the rate of expansion as the substances change state.”

Picture: Getty