South Africans love their food, and no visit would be complete without sampling some traditional fare.


All fired up

Most South Africans love a good braai (barbecue) with plenty of meat. Boerewors (spicy coarse sausage) is a favourite, served with pap (maize porridge) and sous (spicy sauce made from tomatoes and onions). Other things to be cooked over the coals include potjiekos (stew cooked in a cast-iron pot), fish, and sosaties (skewered marinated meat).

Hot stuff

Durban’s famous curries are fiery. And why not try bunny chow — hollowed out loaf of bread stuffed with curry or hot chips?

Cultural cuisine

South Africa’s Cape Malay influence can be tasted in bobotie (spicy mince meat bake with egg custard) and bredie (long-baked stew).

All things sugar

Unique South African sweet treats include milk tart (custard baked in a flan, sprinkled with cinnamon) and koeksisters (plaited doughnuts coated in syrup).


And no road trip is complete without a packet of biltong (dried salted meat) to snack on.


South Africans love their beer and there’s a good selection produced by South African Breweries. If you feeling brave try a local brew at a shebeen (township drinking joint). Drink too much and you’re guaranteed babbelaas (a hangover).

There are plenty of excellent South African wines to choose from, and most are reasonably priced, especially if you are buying by the bottle.



In the cities and urban areas the tap water is safe to drink however, in the rural areas stick to bottled water.