More than 2000 people gathered in the English county of Northamptonshire over the weekend of the 19th – 21st of July to enjoy History Live, a celebration of all British historical militaria related events which including a re-enactment of the famous Battle of Hastings which took place in 1066.

People were dressed in period clothes, some even armed and armoured as they would have been in the Middle Ages (plate armour and swords), the Napoleonic Wars (muskets and silly hats) or even from the invasions of Normandy on D–Day, 1944.

One chap however seems to have thought – if the photographs to be found on the Metro‘s story are to be believed – that all this historical accuracy was a bit boring and required a sci-fi flavoured shake up.

Amongst the Norman knights, Redcoat grenadiers and khaki clad Royal Marines one guy rocked up in a full (and authentic looking) Imperial Stormtrooper outfit, from the hugely popular Star Wars film franchise.

As the photo above shows, the Stormtrooper didn’t allow his lack of a historically accurate uniform or his laser based replica gun stop him from knocking about with dragoons, longbowman and sword-wielding men-at-arms.

It’s all a little bit of fun, I guess.

Needless to say though, this isn’t the first time this year that an Imperial Stormtrooper has crashed a historical battle re-enactment.

In April of this year, the Huffington Post reported that an Imperial Stormtrooper had joined a regiment of Confederate infantry preparing for an historical re-enactment of a battle from the American Civil War.

The photograph of that incident – which, of course, went viral on the Internet – had the tag line ‘These are NOT the Rebels You Were Looking For’ which is hilarious… If you’re into the prequels that is (and, really, who isn’t?)

Still it goes without saying that if the Confederates really had had a few troopers armed with laser guns on their side during the Civil War then America would be an even more racist country than it is already.

Image: The Huffington Post