The Student Association’s Women’s Department at Monash University sold the cupcakes as part of a campaign to highlight gender wage differences, charging $1 for men, 80c for women and 60c for transgender students.

A Facebook post calling the stall sexist has received nearly 1,500 likes and attracted more than 900 comments.

Tess Gian posted: “to the ‘Women’s’ stand on Clayton campus selling cupcakes … that is not feminism. that’s sexism. You want to demand equality? It goes both ways.”

A Monash Student Association public affairs officer, who did not want to be named, said the stall aimed to “raise awareness of the gender pay gaps” that exist in the workplace. It was not sexist but “positive discrimination”. reports

Rachel Archie posted: “the best thing they could think of doing was baking? to promote women’s rights? i don’t want to inadvertently stereotype but their choice surprises me.”

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