Talk time: 1pm, Sunday, March 10, 2013
Talk name: 50 Countries By 30
Speaker name: Emma Jayne Jones, author of Gap Years: The Essential Guide 

Find out what Volunteering in Peru, working on a cruise ship, hitchhiking to Morocco and driving across USA have taught Emma and how you can do it too.

Why do you love to travel? 
To learn about the world and myself.  

Who would be your ideal travel partner and why? 
My husband as we always have the best adventures together.

What was your favourite destination last year and why? 
New York. Love the city and it was the first time I had been back since living there.

Describe the most unusual situation you’ve found yourself in while travelling?
While travelling back on a bus from Bolivia to Peru we were attacked by a group of people trying to push us off a rickety wooden bridge!

Name two up-and-coming destinations for 2013.
Bolivia – Always overlooked for it’s South American neighbours, this country is opening up beyond the budget backpacker.  
Sri Lanka – Becoming more affordable and people recognising its culture and beautiful beaches.

If you could return to any country you’ve been to, where would it be and why? 
India. I only visited there briefly and would like to go back and explore further into the country.
What’s the one thing you can’t travel without and why? A shawl. Keeps me warm on the plane, good for covering up if needed or for sitting on.

Give us an overview of what you’ll be discussing at the TNT Travel Show:
I’ll be talking about the highlights of my travels to 50 countries, what travelling has taught me, tips for travellers, and ideas for living, working and volunteering abroad.

Who will find your talk relevant? 
Anyone who has a passion for travel, wants to do it on a budget and is interesting in living, working or volunteering abroad.