If you have ever entered a wet t-shirt competition and really enjoyed it then perhaps you should consider dancing (with very little on) for a career. We’re not pulling your chain. In Australia (and in other countries where it’s allowed) stripping and table dancing are big business. And if you have the confidence to do it, you could make a lot of money.

How to start But how do you go about dancing your way to a bank balance with a lot of zeros? Well first of all don’t worry about experience, says Elle Johnson, recruitment manager at Men’s Gallery in Sydney. “You don’t need to be a dancer to start working for us – we offer full training on every aspect of the job. In fact, many of our dancers have never danced before working for us.” If you can shake your money maker, like a polaroid picture, it’s likely that you will find plenty of work over the next few of months. “As we approach the summer there are definitely a lot of jobs becoming available”, says Elle. “We’ve already begun to increase our recruitment in preparation of the busy months ahead”.

Flexible thinking And if you are flexible – and like working flexible hours – table dancing could be perfect for you. With companies often employing travellers, they are used to dealing with their demands. Elle tells us enthusiastically that, “this is the ideal job for travellers.” “All of our dancers work as sub-contractors and book in their own shifts – we’re very flexible and this is one of the main reasons we attract so many backpackers.” Always dreamt of becoming a starlet? Well table dancing could provide the perfect platform for your dreams to become a reality. By getting your face and body out there already part of the battle is won. The only way is up confirms Elle. “Many of our dancers use this job as a stepping stone to becoming glamour models, showgirls, burlesque performers and even actresses. “Our dancers are frequently offered modelling, photographic and magazine opportunities by agents who contact us.”

Mega bucks But surely the main reason why girls choose to strip for a living is for the ridiculous amount of money you can make from it. Instead of slogging your arse off for several months in a bar or shop, just a couple of weeks table dancing could be enough to fund your trip. Or your next shopping spree. “Dancers generally earn between $300-$600 per seven hour shift – although on a good night it can be more like $1000-$1500 per shift!,” says Elle. Right, where do we sign up? See you later TNT! http://www.jobsearchdownunder.com/[Search live jobs now]