It’s easy to see why The Cove is making waves around the world. Part natural history lesson, part Dirty Dozen-type action flick, Louie Psihoyos’s documentary is a masterclass in how to tell an important story in the most thrilling way possible.

The film hooks you early with the revelation that thousands of dolphins are being slaughtered each year by fishermen at a Japanese town called Taiji. Looking to expose the butchery is conservationist Richard O’Barry and a crack team of eco-warriors.

Playing out like a Jason Bourne movie, the group travel to Taiji and sneak into the cove where the killings take place to plant cameras. The subsequent footage is difficult to sit through and will make anger and revulsion swell up inside even the most apathetic person.

Almost as shocking is the useless International Whaling Commission, and the fact that people are merrily chomping mercury-rich dolphin meat.

Sure, The Cove is one-sided, but with the claims backed up by hard-hitting scenes, this is one of the most important films you’ll see this year.

Good for: Those who want to make a difference.