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Much like poker, roulette has a specific following of players and is constantly one of the highest earning casino games. Some sites specialise in the inner workings of roulette and the best strategies to try and tip the odds in your favour.

Most sites tend to offer a free play option will is always the best place for testing new strategies.

Our suggestion would be always to check out a 3rd party before going to a casino, sites like onlineroulette.org.uk specifically offer there readership insights into roulette and the casinos, as well as the chance to free play for as long as they like.

Just like all other forms of gambling, roulette is about the odds and for those looking to use the game to win a significant profit will certainly have to be fully apprised of just how these odds can work for them and more importantly how to avoid the odds working against them.

First off it’s incredibly important to realise that just like any other game, found in a casino, roulette is a game of chance.

There are no straight forward methods to beat the house and win at the table each and every time. If this was possible quite frankly it would be via a heavily publicised method meaning that not only educated patrons would be using it to win big but the casinos themselves would know all about them and would alter the games accordingly.

It’s all down to pure luck and even though there’s great belief in lucky streaks and other various betting systems and strategies you can use to play roulette there are simply no guarantees. Any number the roulette wheel spins has absolutely no bearing on the next and so predicting any outcome is quite frankly impossible.

The main factor that can have a major impact on your chances of winning at the roulette table is more or less down to the actual type of roulette wheel you are playing with.

American roulette features a wheel with 36 numbered pockets as well as two other pockets featuring a single zero and a double zero. This factor determines the house edge and actually lowers the chances of the player winning.

The house edge in American roulette is 5.26% which is why that its European counterpart is the more popular choice for most players.

In European roulette the wheel only features the single zero pocket which means that the house edge is lowered to just 2.70%. In effect this means that the player has a greater chance of picking out a winning number.

The payouts in roulette vary greatly based on the types of bets on offer.

If you select and win an even money bet this will allow the player to win back exactly the amount they wagered plus their original bet. They are the most popular types of bet in roulette and will allow you to bet on odd/even, hi/lo or red/black.

So for example if you wanted to place a bet on red, in European roulette, there are 18 corresponding pockets coloured red on the wheel and that will give you the odds of winning as 48.65% (18/37). Calculating the house edge would therefore be .4865 – .5135 = -.027 (or 2.7%).

If you are planning on making a bet on just a single number then the payout rate is 35 to 1. Of course the chances of this are much lower than say an even money bet and therefore the odds of winning are 1/37 (or 2.70%).

There have been several examples in history of people being able to win frequently at roulette and even cases of them actually “breaking the bank”.

However this isn’t because a player has found a mathematical loophole that enables him or her to predict outcomes and win each and every time without fail, it’s all down to the wheel itself.

A biased wheel is all down to its construction and any slight tilt or improper balance the table suffers from can affect the outcome of the spin. If a player is aware of such a bias then they will be able to make better predictions, although that’s still not an easy task.

As already mentioned there are all sorts of different betting systems and strategies that whilst on paper they make look to be a useful way in which to take advantage of the odds they should be used simply to enhance your gaming experiences,

Take the well-known Martingale strategy for instance, here it’s up to the player to double their previous bet each time they lose.

The theory behind this is that you can quickly recoup your losses however this has the added risk that you could very swiftly lose your entire bankroll in no time at all.

If a player suffers from several losses in a row this will mean that their bet is double exponentially at will eventually reach a rate higher than that allowed at the table.