Dank, who was also alleged of wrong-doing while working at the Manly Sea Eagles, went into hiding when the story broke this week but a source quoted by the Daily Telegraph says he has spoken out and denied administering illegal substances to AFL and NRL players.

Nicknamed “The Pharmacist” he has told sources he’s got nothing to hide although he’d remained silent since the ASADA and the Australian Crime Commission announced plans to ramp up investigations into doping in sport.

 Dank is said to have revealed his practices when working at Essendon and Manly, and the source says he’ll detail how he worked within the rules using predominantly Vitamin B, Vitamin C and glutathiamine injections.

“Claims that Steve may have cheated at Manly are ridiculous,” the source said.

“He didn’t go into peptides, he looked at DNA-profiling and the (Manly) club used injections with calves blood but that was never illegal.

“I can’t see Dank helping out other NRL teams … he did his own work.”

Yesterday the ACC released the results of a year-long investigation with the booklet Organised Drugs and Organised Crime in Sport report, which claims illegal drugs were widespread in Australian sport, being administered by sports scientists and obtained from organised criminal gangs.

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