The words of protesters, activists, deserting soldiers, the tortured and the bereaved – as well as those of a jovial hotelier in favour of President al-Assad’s regime – create something of the restricted and brutally oppressive atmosphere of a country in turmoil where innocent civilians are shot to order by the militia and the prospect of imprisonment is never far away.

Performed with compassion and conviction against a background of screened footage, it makes for disturbing viewing as social media helps create a Facebook battalion and Adam Youssefbeygi’s student activist is tortured again and again.

Sirine Saba’s subversive DJ shines with an almost innocent belief that peaceful protest will yield results, and a photographer recalls the death of Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin, just one of the thousands of victims claimed – and still being claimed – by this violent internal conflict.
Finborough, Finborough Road, SW10 9ED
Tube:  Earl’s Court
Until 11th August

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