The 84-year-old is serving five years and nine months, at the HMP Bullingdon in Oxfordshire, after being found guilty of sexually assaulting four girls.

According to reports, the disgraced entertainer has been sketching for fellow prisoners in a bid to keep the peace after they were incensed that the Australian was given a job in the prison garden ahead of others who had sought the role for some time.

One prisoner told The Sun that Harris was overwhelmed by requests.

“He did four or five sketches within two weeks of arriving and now everyone wants one. The pictures are just 10 minute cartoon sketches but the inmates love them,” he said.

“Harris was reluctant at first but he wants to win them over.”

Harris has allegedly been doing 10 minute cartoon sketches between an allocated time of 4.30pm and 6.30pm when prisoners in the jail’s E Wing are allowed to move between cells.

It is understood that prisoners call the sketch sessions “Rolf Prison Cartoon Club” after his 1990s TV show Rolf’s Cartoon Club

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