Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown claims he was a target of a News International campaign which led to his baby son’s medical records being hacked

Brown was allegedly targeted by investigators working for the Sunday Times and News of The World.

It is claimed that medical information about Brown’s son Fraser, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2006, was illegally obtained by the Sun and revealed on their website.

Sarah Brown tweeted her dismay about the alleged invasions of her family’s privacy, saying: “It is very personal and really hurtful if all true.”

A spokesman for Brown said that he was “shocked” by the alleged “criminality and the unethical means by which personal details have been obtained” about his family.

Police are believed to have evidence that the News of the World's private investigator Glenn Mulcaire had targeted Brown and his family.

Their were also claims that an investigator working for The Sunday Times tried to access details from Brown’s Abbey bank account.

The allegations about the former prime minister seem to suggest that hacking culture extended beyond the now defunct News of The World to other News International titles.

It caps off another bad day for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp as the Government seemed to make a U-turn in their support for his  £9bn bid for full ownership of BSkyB.

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