Radiohead’s Thom York stood outside Rough Trade giving away copies of the band’s free newspaper, The Universal Sigh, to fans.

The Universal Sigh is being given away globally to mark the release of Radiohead’s new album, but those walking past Rough Trade in Shoreditch today were handed a copy by frontman Yorke himself. Dressed in a flat cap, Yorke stoof in front of an old-fashioned newspaper stand with a billboard reading ‘All can become normal again’ and ‘It’s what keeps me alive’.

The King of Limbs – Radiohead

Radiohead, Lotus Flower video

Twitter was abuzz with news of Thom Yorke’s unexpected visit.

samferriday wrote: “If you want to meet Thom Yorke he’s over at Rough Trade East acting as a paperboy!!!”

paperheartpics tweeted: “Thom Yorke in brick lane london, outside rough trade..handing out The Universal Sigh”

To find out what the fuss is about visit which features details of where you can buy the one-off newspapers and pictures of fans from around the world with their copies.

The newspaper release ties in with the physical release of Radiohead’s new album The King Of Limbs, out today.