Low-skilled workers — Tier 3

Tier 3 visas are currently suspended because the UK government believes there are enough workers entering from the EU to do these types of jobs.

The Tier 3 visa was intended for low-skilled workers who wish to come to the UK to do low paid jobs like fruit-picking from a country which has a returns arrangement with the UK.

Since the UK government believes there are enough low-skilled workers already in the EU to do these jobs, the Tier 3 visa has been suspended indefinitely. The suspension of the Tier 3 visa will probably only be lifted in circumstances where the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) identifies a shortage which cannot be filled by the domestic workforce.

Even so, anyone applying for the Tier 3 visa will have to provide a certificate of sponsorship and can expect to stay no longer than 12 months before return is expected. The Tier 3 visa does not constitute an opportunity to apply for permanent residence; nor does it allow for spousal visas or switching.

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