However, it’s necessary to get along with some basic insights before incorporating an international payroll digital payroll system for your business. This article will guide you through some vital aspects that you must consider while making a purchase.


One of the most attractive features of the latest payroll software is the accessibility of all the information on the go. With ideal software, you don’t need to sit and download updates or installation files.

Therefore, if you are always on a run between meetings with new clients, make sure you got this feature in your payroll system. Herein you can access all the information anywhere and anytime either from your mobile or computer.

Safety and privacy

Payroll data must be preserved with the utmost care and vigilance. Thus, the software you choose should comply with certain safety protocols for the safe exchange of data between different departments.

More so, it should provide you with permissions and user role settings so that no unauthorized party has the access to any sensitive data. This will help you hold control of all the confidential data while collaborating with multiple departments of payroll management.

Updated with statutory compliance

Regardless of the size and type of your business, it is necessary to adhere to regulatory laws enforced by the concerned authority.

Concerning this front, select a payroll software that inbuilt with automated functions to compute:

– Professional tax (PT)

– Provident Fund (PF)

– Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)

– Employee State Insurance (ESI)

– Income tax

Next, your software should allow you to customize PF settings, generate reports for easy tax filing, and set different work locations heeding individual state regulations.

Easy to operate

Payroll management is no easy task and requires extensive knowledge. And if your software is complex — processing with heavy and slow operations — it would no less be a nightmare for you.

Therefore, work with a program with an intuitive interface along with a good user experience. This is to ease the range of cumbersome tasks following your business.

Support spreadsheets for easy payroll management

For payroll management, you’d probably need to acquire inputs from multiple sources. Therefore, try to look for software that can adjust to the inputs from the spreadsheet as this is the conventional method of maintaining finances in most industries.

This transfer feature will enable you to import large files so as to reduce the hassle of creating employee records manually.

Also, it will help you keep a track of all the employee details like bank account information, employment history, income details, and other data at a place.

Provide payroll reports

Payroll reports are crucial especially when it comes to budget analysis, projects execution, and tax filing. Thus, while looking for payroll software, make sure that reports present a defined layout of your company’s payroll expenses, including:

– payment summaries

– salary register

– reimbursement data

Besides, take note that your software generates EPF-ECR reports  to file EPF returns, and ESIC reports for ESI returns. Your payroll software should give you pre-formatted reports to help you simply file the taxes.

Online salary payments

Choose payroll software that shares a reliable partnership with renowned banks offering direct deposit facilities. This will allow you to send the salaries of your employees directly to their bank accounts without receding the payroll program.

Besides this, you can also send salaries directly to your employer’s account by acquiring their account details during employee onboarding and inserting it into the program.

Hereafter, you can transfer the payments effortlessly, using the auto-populated bank details. These reliable options will keep your employees relieved and focused knowing that their money is safe.

Cloud security

Payroll management mandates storing some sensitive data about your employees including their personal information, salary figures, bank details, personal account number, etc.

Hence, pick on a reliable payroll software that works with two-factor authentication providing extra security for login.

Furthermore, ensure that the vendor stands in compliance with international security standards following top-notch security protocols to safeguard your employee’s data.


Before you get along with incorporating a new payroll system, don’t forget to evaluate crucial aspects concerning the size, pay structure, and recruitment plans of your business.

While at it, prefer software that binds with all the significant features listed above. Integrating the right software will promote better workflow, contributing to the growth of your business.