TNT Magazine unveils its exciting redesign today, so make sure you pick up your copy.

And as well as a spanking new look, we’ve added new features and expanded the ones you loved.

There are now more London pages, a lifestyle section, including health, beauty, fitness and fashion, and extra pages in our travel section.

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TNT – the UK's oldest free magazine  – now sports a new logo, bringing our identity inline with the edgy new design.

TNT editor Carol Driver said: "This new look is a bold and exciting move for TNT, and one of which were confident our readers – both existing and new – will love.

"Our London coverage has been greatly extended, meaning readers can pick up the magazine or subscribe to our e-mag and plan their social lives for free, and the new lifestyle pages will reflect our readers' interests.

"TNT's travel section, which champions adventure and independent tours, is a traveller's necessity. We've extended this so our readers can confidently plan their trips for the year-ahead with TNT as their sole guide.

“We’ve got a fantastic new design and other new features, but we've kept the readers' favourite features and haven't lost the essence of TNT Magazine, which makes it a publication unlike any other – and it's free!"

The pioneers of free distribution, TNT Magazine is available every Monday from Tube stations around London – either in red dispensers or handouts – or by subscription to our emag on

Designer Lynne Eve, of, added: "Using bold colours and contemporary ideas, TNT now reflects the vibrant personality of its readers. It's simple and clear in terms of its look and brings it to the first-class quality readers now can expect from their free magazine."

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