There are ways to cut costs, however, and still have a brilliant time, without compromising on your overall experience. 

Here are a few handy tips to bear in mind when heading off on your travels, to save some of your hard-earned cash…


1. Drop a star or two

If you normally favour 5* luxury, consider searching for accommodation with slightly lower ratings. 3* and 4* hotels, villas and apartments will often offer a very similar experience for a fraction of the price of more luxurious boltholes.

Don’t let snobbery get in the way when booking holidays or travel, because the money you could save by being less picky could go towards your spending money and you can use it to create some fantastic memories. 

2. Set a daily budget

 It’s all well and good setting yourself a spending budget of 10 Euros per day, but unless you want to starve in 30 degree heat, it’s not always the best idea. Be realistic and make sure your daily spending money budget meets your wants and needs. Unless those “wants and needs” are champagne excursions on a super yacht and lobster every night. That’s just daft.

3. Don’t be greedy

 Yes, I’m sure you would like to spend three weeks travelling around South America, but ask yourself whether or not you could see everything you wanted to see in less time. Careful planning and setting a daily itinerary may sound dull, but by allocating time slots to different trips and sights you’d be surprised how much you can get done in much less time.

So, if you carefully cram, you could well fit everything from that originally desired three week trip into two weeks or less. If your travels are about sightseeing rather than r&r, don’t expect to be able to kick off your flip flops and unwind. It’ll be tiring, but totally worth it.

4. Be a bargain hunter

 If you book your travels on a whim, chances are you won’t have got the best deal. Some people are put off trying to save money due to how time consuming it can sometimes be, but thanks to the wealth of comparison sites out there and discount codes on websites like, you can easily find a way to knock money off your booking. Let’s face it, not saving money when you actually have the chance to, is like not eating that free slice of chocolate cake that’s being handed to you. You just have to do it.

5. Get a group together

 Solo travel is the next big thing and you’re bound to look pretty cool posting actual “I’m all by myself on this mountain top” selfies on your Instagram account, but if you have no one to split the travel costs with then you end up forking out much more. 


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