Landing a good job requires an outstanding resume, but build a great resume from scratch can be quite daunting. Rather than winging it, check different resume templates online to create an impressive document that will catch your prospective employers’ attention and present your talents, skills, and credentials perfectly. Here are the top template options you can choose from.

Chronological resume

A chronological resume lets you list your previous jobs chronologically within the experience section. That means you begin with your most recent or current work experience and then work backward. This type of resume allows the hiring manager to clearly and easily see how you have progressed in your career over the years. It also places the most recent work experience at the top, where potential employers can see it first.

This type of resume style or type is ideal for job seekers who have no significant gaps between their previous jobs, have consistent progression throughout their career, and have an outstanding record of skills and accomplishments in the industry they are applying to. 

Functional resume

Generally, a functional resume focuses on abilities, skills, and achievements rather than your chronological work history. It has sections that list different abilities and skills in different categories or sections that simply highlight the types of experiences you have. The functional resume is ideal for job seekers who intend to change careers, have significant employment history gaps, or probably have limited work experience.

A combination resume

This type of resume is a cross between a functional resume and a traditional resume style. It highlights your achievements and skills at the top of the resume, followed by your employment history. A combination resume allows you to highlight the abilities or skills you have that are still relevant to the specific job posting you are applying for. It also allows you to provide somewhat chronological employment history. 

Given the fact that most prospective employers want to see your traditional chronological work history, a resume that combines the traditional style and function of style is a good choice for job seekers who intend to highlight their abilities and skills. After creating this document, be sure to edit, proofread, and review it carefully to ensure that there are no errors.

Infographic resume

Just like a standard resume style, an infographic resume combines graphics and other high-quality visual elements to present your skills and other professional details carefully. This type of resume is common among graphic designers because they can display their creativity by creating a highly impressive resume that also demonstrates their abilities.

If you plan to use an infographic resume, make sure it is readable even by machines. Approximately 75% of employers use or intend to use resume reading software that scans resumes and determines if they have sufficient resume keywords to be forwarded to a hiring manager. If the graphic elements in your resume cannot be read by software, your resume might not make it to the hiring manager’s desk. This could make it very challenging to land a job. 


There are different types and styles of resumes. It’s now time to build your own resume. You can either choose an online template or create a resume from scratch. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to pick the right resume style or type that perfectly fits the specific type of job you intend to apply for. If you plan to change your career, the chances are that you need a different type of resume than the one you would if you wanted to showcase your achievements and skills in a particular industry.