Tourism Australia’s latest advertisement has given people something better to whinge about than being back at work after a long weekend (click here if you’ve got a hangover).

The ad pretty much covers all the Aussie stereotypes and haters have panned it on the grounds of being too ”bogan”.

Featuring diverse Aussie ‘locals’, singing theme tune “There’s Nothing Like Australia”, the 90-second ad has also being accused of being tone deaf.

Critics lost no time in venting on Youtube.

TheFoley said “Wow that’s a pretty shocking ad. The only comment that I can be bothered with is that a group of kangaroos is called a mob, not a herd.”

However, Downriggershop reckons: “Nice work! You’ve really captured the ol’ continent’s appeal, with this one.”

TNT isn’t convinced this’ll be the soundtrack to the summer…


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