Haro’s La Batalla Del Vino (Battle of Wine) is pretty self-explanatory – instead of sipping it, you chuck buckets of it over your fellow festival goers (don’t use the good stuff) and guzzle it out of big aluminium wine bags (just like high school). Classy it may not be; fun it definitely is.

Why: It’s thought the Battle of Wine occurred for the first time in 1710, on the day of Haro’s patron saint, Saint Peter. People started chucking wine at each other during the religious celebrations (as you do) and enjoyed themselves so much it became an annual tradition. 

Do it because: You need a reason to get wrecked in the name of culture? Really? All wine-related weaponry is permitted including water pistols, plastic bags and buckets – provided it doesn’t cause injury. Except hangovers, which seems pretty unavoidable. 

June 29

Photo: Getty