About 940,000 votes have been cast for the 20th anniversary edition of the Js Hottest 100 and will be aired at the weekend.

But as a teaser, the station has proclaimed 1997 as the best year in two decades of music according to its listeners.

No arguments here, with iconic albums such as Radiohead’s OK Computer and Daft Punk’s Homework (before they trotted out tripe like Get Lucky – ooo, controversial!), Aussie classics like The Whitlams’ No Aphrodisiac (number one that year) and Silverchair’s Freak Show, and novelty genius like Cows With Guns and Pauline Pantsdown.

And it gives us an excuse to relive some of those great moments. Such as 

Blur’s Song 2

Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl:

Perhaps a little more divisive was this hit from Ween

It wasn’t all rosy in 97 though. Chumbawumba put out this ear worm.

And this happened.

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