The challenge is due to take part in Liverpool next Monday and could qualify as the first step towards Morgan receiving a million-dollar prize offered by an educational foundation for any psychic who can prove their “gift” is real.

Morgan, who promotes herself as “Britain’s best-loved psychic” has written three books and is currently filming a new series for Sky Living.

Her challenge will be hosted by the Mersyside Skeptics Society (MSS), with a test devised by Professor Chris French, head of a pscychology research unit at Goldsmiths College London.

In the 20-minute experiment, she will be shown pictures of ten dead women and asked to match them to a list of their first names.

Morgan has yet to respond as to whether or not she will take part.

Science writer Simon Singh told the Guardian: “There are still question marks hanging over Sally with regards to how she derives her insights during her readings.

“By agreeing to our test, Sally has an opportunity to reassure any fans who might doubt that she is genuine in her communication with their deceased loved ones.”

It comes after the TV star was accused of using off-stage helpers during recent shows in Dublin where audience members reported hearing someone at the back of the theatre apparently feeding her information on stage.

Morgan responded to those accusations by saying they were “completely and utterly balderdash”.

A spokesman for Sally Morgan Enterprises said after the claims arose last month: “There are absolutely no plants on Sally’s show. This is her gift and she has been sharing it for years with audiences and doesn’t need to do that.”