A Twitter pervert is being hunted down by football executives for posting naked photos of top Premier League players.

Manchester City stars, including England goalie Joe Hart and Wales striker Craig Bellamy were among those secretly snapped in the dressing room at home and away games.

The voyeur posted the pics on Twitter for millions of fans worldwide to see.

The perv claims to have nude pictures of virtually every Premier League player. A post on the site reads: “My perfect day was when I seen Joe Hart (right) in the shower for the 1st time.”

The snapper, who claims to work for Chelsea and TV firm Endemol, even taunts football ace victims via Twitter.

Man United’s Michael Owen was told: “I had a phone on my chest filming you in the shower.”

Everton skipper Phil Neville received a tweet saying: “I’ve seen you naked about 20 times Phil.”

Man City called in lawyers to get the snaps removed and launched an investigation after being alerted by The Sun.

The newspaper said Endemol said it had no information suggesting the voyeur works for them. They also reported that Chelsea said it was impossible to say if the Twitter user worked for the club.

The police said they would investigate if any player made a complaint.