The App, called “Help, I have the Flu”, gives you clues – through Facebook – as to who the germ-holders in your life are.

Upon clicking the ‘Who Made Me Sick’ button, the App uses different clues to determine which friends are sick by checking status updates for words, such as “ill”, “flu”, “sneezing” and “coughing,” and looking at places those people might have checked in and the time of their posts.

It gives users the option to message the person in question to tell them they’ve passed along the flu to someone else. 

The UK is still recovering from the worst norovirus outbreak in years – with 1.1million people struck down by the winter vomiting bug.

Earlier this week health experts revealed that the number of people visiting their GPs with flu-like symptoms increased by almost 50 percent in two weeks.

If only they’d have downloaded the App. The cases might have been fewer.

Image via Help, I have the Flu. Facebook