What do you get, who are you getting it for, and what if they don’t like it? These are all questions that likely storm through your mind when you’re looking for a gift. Well, A Pint of Gift Card thinks that gift cards are the perfect universal solution for all presents.

Gift cards have a selection of benefits when put against traditional gifts, all of which we’ll discuss in detail below, so make sure to pay attention.

Gift Cards Are The Ideal Present

Gift cards make the perfect present. Why? Well, they’re for everyone and everything. Everyone knows what they’d like best as a present, and if you have to get one, it’s always best to leave it to the person that’s going to use it.

Your gift recipient knows what they want far better than you do, even if they won’t admit it. A gift card is an ideal way to give someone exactly what they want, all while skipping the boring parts of gifting, such as the research, guesswork, and waiting on the delivery guy that just might be named Godot.

They’re Personal But Versatile

A Pint of Gift Card believes that every gift should be personal. No one likes something generic, unimaginative, and boring. Many people put gift cards in that category, but that is far from the truth. Gift cards are the most personal present you can give someone, and that’s all due to their virtually unmatched versatility – they’re also great for businesses.

There’s no universal gift card that’s applicable everywhere. Gift cards are usually platform or shop specific, and deciphering what someone needs and selecting a gift card for that purpose is all of the personality that a present needs. If you’ve, by any chance, made a mistake on the item that your recipient wants, they can always use the gift card to get something else. eCommerce gift cards are a popular thing, and eCommerce stores can sell virtually any product.

Gift Cards Are Ideal Gifts for Minors

There is nothing quite like giving a present to a child and watching their eyes light up. Minors and children don’t have credit cards or debit cards in most cases, meaning they can’t purchase virtually anything from their favorite eCommerce stores or online shops.

Gift cards allow minors and others under 18 to traverse the internet landscape for all of the media, products, and other purchases they like. Deciphering what a child could want isn’t math – it’s quantum physics – and their opinions tend to change by the day.

To keep up with their preferences and wants, A Pint of Gift Card believes that the best way to go about things is to get them a gift card. Besides giving them necessary purchasing power, you’re also teaching minors about the value of money, financial management, and sticking to the budget – which are essential skills that everyone needs to develop at one point.

This way, they won’t ruin their credit score further down the line.

Their Store Value is Going Up

$15 for 10$? Yes, please! This free money isn’t a Ponzi scheme – it’s one of the many features that many gift cards have with them. If you purchase a store-specific gift card, chances are you’re going to get more money than you paid for, giving you additional purchasing power. The value of gift cards is continually going up, not only in the sense that you get more for less but because they are applicable almost everywhere.

Almost every store, retailer, and brand has its unique gift card, and picking one out as a present for that special someone gives them the choice of buying what they want – you’re only setting the budget.

They are also fantastic for things such as store credit. Many brands will give you additional points for purchasing or using gift cards, which you can redeem for discounts, special deals, and other in-store purchases. A Pint of Gift Card guarantees that in a couple of years, gift cards will replace store coupons, perhaps in full.

Final Thoughts

A good gift card isn’t only the ideal present during the seasons and on birthdays – it’s a fantastic way to help people get what they want, do shopping that much simpler and streamlined, and take all of the guesswork out of the process.

A Pint of Gift Card believes that by using gift cards, you can gift the best gift in the world – which is the gift of versatility in shopping.