Animals at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park reacted strongly to the 5.8 magnitude earthquake which rocked the US’s east coast yesterday.

According to the zoo’s website some animals sensed the impending shockwaves moments before the earthquake hit. The zoo’s flock of 64 flamingos huddled together in anticipation of the quake while Red fluffed lemurs let out an alarm call minutes before the tremor hit and then again just after it happened.

The quake hit during feeding time at the Great Apes enclosure causing many of the apes to leave their food and rush up a tree-like structure. A gorilla named Mandara shrieked, grabbed her baby, Kibibi, and also scaled the structure. Howler monkeys got into the act too sounding an alarm just after the earthquake.

But it wasn’t just the monkey’s and apes who were freaked out by the “once in a century” earthquake.

In the Reptile Center snakes, who normally remain still during the day began writhing and in the Great Cats enclosure the the lion pride all stood still and faced their shelter, which shook during the quake.

Not all animals were affected, however. Giant pandas reportedly did not react to the earthquake at all..

No injuries to either humans or animals were reported at the zoo.

Meanwhile elephants at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore reacted by linking trunks and clustering together.

"Unusual" earthquake rocks east coast of the US