The clip shows nine-month-old twin babies Reece and Levi smiling and giggling as they dance around in baby-bouncers to the strains of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues.

Clearly destined to be a better dancer than his brother, the twin on the left shows off ever-fancier moves as the video goes on and, by the end, seems to have mastered some sort of four-step baby bounce. 

The video has racked up more than half a million views on Youtube and gathered gooey comments such as: “you should see how stupid my face looks watching these two. This is the best video i’ve ever seen in my life. i feel so happy right now.”

Still, we have to admit it is pretty cute and, as others have pointed out, funny to watch the twins laugh as Johnny Cash sings, “But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.”